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            About Us
            About Us

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            Company Profile

            ·Comprehensive Strengths

              Our company, located in the Xuyi Industrial Park, has an area of over 45 “Mu” ( approximately 30000㎡)with buildings take up 20000. Technologically, we have applied the world-rated technology---oxygen-free technology and the following in total 260 sets of advanced productive facilities:



            Vacuum Strip-casting Furnace /Hydrogen-demolish Furnace


            Jet Mill


            Modeling Press


            Vacuum Sintering Furnace


            Slicing Machine


            Centerless Grinding/Flat-stone Mill


             Hole-punching machine



            With these facilities, our annual production of sintered NdFeB can well reach to 2000 tons with monthly slicing of materials up to 30 million cm2. Further still, we are proud to meet different requirements of customers with such fine-machining ability as drilling, flat-surface grinding, external grinding and surface treatment.

            ·Outstanding Team

              In our 180-member team, there is a bunch of brilliant technician and senior managers. Worthwhile to mention, we have also invited a team of experienced experts at home and abroad for technical support. Thanks to their help, we make it possible to carry out our mission in innovation and RD.

            ·Competitive Product

              For its incomparable permanent magnetic properties, the permanent magnetic product--- sintered NdFeb, also called rare-earth magnet, is till now the first priority among customers in terms of its application and potential for development. Specifically, it is applied in such fields as aviation, electronics, machinery, medical service, NMR, wind-generated electricity, audio speakers and packaging. But, encouragingly, our independently-developed product-- REFeb exceeds NdFeB in certain areas.

            ·Market Positioning

              Our products, while targeting at the middle and low-end markets, are stretching to the high-end markets. Currently, the medium-low grade sintered NdFeb materials are most commonly used, taking up 48% of market shares. Specifically, 15% of these materials are used in packaging, 8% in toys and automatic Mahjong machines and 25% in audio speakers and magnetic separators. As for the medium-high grade materials, they take up 15% of market shares, among which 10% are used in windmill generators and 5% in other fields.

            ·Influential Innovations

             With pioneering and persevering spirit, our company are favored for our innovation in such products as electromagnetic paraffin controllers, scale-borers and de-ironing separators in ceramics production.

            ·Plans for Technical Development since 2013

            ?To research on the development and application of cost-effective rare-earth permanent magnetic materials ? To develop new types of rare-earth magnets

            With these edges, we are confident in making constant innovations and taking the lead. And, we are also convinced that you would consider our cooperation a enjoyment under the good faith and sound service of Jiangsu Jianghuai Magnetic Industry Co.,LTD.